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Internalizing Externalities

Sunday, July 10, 2005 at 3:19 PM

The Rain @ ISB

It's cold...it's dark...it's grey...it is raining...the Sun has been constantly losing its battle with the clouds for the last couple of weeks...

Not an ideal climate for delving into any kind of business except sleep or hot pakoras with steaming cups of chai or coffee. That’s exactly what our group meeting turned into on Friday evening – a pakora and coffee making session. Yesterday’s meeting turned into a pizza eating session.

I don’t like the rain per se...but I like the smell of the earth before it rains. I don’t like the time after the rains for the puddles – but like the droplets of water clinging on to leaves. Nor do I like the never-ending drizzle – what a like is a short torrential downpour. I like the rain with sunshine – it’s uncommon and chances for a rainbow are high.

The distances from the student village to the acad centre are just enough to get you wet in a drizzle. Without an umbrella and a waterproof bag for the laptop one must be prepared to sit it out at the lrc (library) or the village. Spent the whole afternoon at the lrc researching Tata Motors for my competitive strategy project.

Like anywhere else the rain adversely affects the participation levels in meetings and events. The inter-section quiz event yesterday evening saw few takers. Section C – that’s my section – won the quiz. Our sporty section has won most inter-section events – cricket, basketball and a tie in football.

We had a talk by Mr. Parthasarathy, co-founder of Mindtree, yesterday afternoon – people poured in with the rain – not a seat was empty. Apart from his views on the IT industry he shared ten key learning’s from his experiences and about work-life balance – an excellent talk.

Attendance in any event at ISB is not governed simply by the rain. A whole bunch of factors govern the participation levels – interest in event, return on time invested, perceived popularity of speaker, clash with assignments and academic workload and a bunch of other factors. Would be interesting to do a regression analysis!!

The rain has stopped now...there are the shiny globules clinging desperately onto the leaves – and then there are the puddles on the ground - that's life.

Next week – The Wind @ ISB.

Blogger ash said...

I love these rains! All the best for your studies at ISB!

(Ashwin from RVCE ;-) )  


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